Profession of director

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The director coordinates the entire creation of a play, from the selection of the actors through the direction of the actors to the choice of sets and costumes.
He is the essential actor of cinema or live performance. This article will help to know the ins and outs of this profession.

Business description

The director is the key person in the creation of a play. He is responsible for all strategic decisions in the creation of the show.

The director usually chooses the play he wishes to stage. He himself selects the actors with whom he will work. He brings in agreement with the producer the artistic vision he wants to give to the work. He then decides on the rehearsal schedule for the actors. The director works with the actors, giving them his instructions on the interpretation, the movements on stage and the emotions he wants to bring out in each character. He also coordinates the technical teams for sound, light, set and costumes.

A director must be rigorous and organized. He must know how to listen to his actors and their suggestions but also show a certain authority in directing them.

You don't become a director overnight. You have to make yourself known and know the artistic world well. Many directors started out as actors.

Studies / Training to become a Stage Director

All roads can lead to this profession. You can go through an actor training or be self-taught. Some ideas for becoming a director:

The National Conservatory of Dramatic Art offers "acting and directing" training
Diploma in dramaturgy
Performing Arts License, The Theatrical Studies License.

Regarding his salary,
the remuneration of a director depends on the success of his shows. It is therefore very variable. The director is paid in salaries for rehearsals and can be paid in copyright from the first performance.

Regarding the development of his career,
the director often began his career as an actor before moving on to directing. He can progress to a position of theater or festival director. Some directors can also teach and choose a training activity.
Becoming a director is not an impossible dream but a way
to commit to promoting cultural heritage.