How do you become a musician?

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The profession of a musician covers a multitude of specificities: it's up to everyone to choose their own music, to play their own story! One thing is that you have to have the qualities but also the skills to do the job. Every enthusiast who dreams of making a living in music will succeed if he puts in the will and stamina.

What does this job consist of?

In a symphony orchestra or a rock group, with a violin, a dry guitar or a transverse flute, the musician uses his sensitivity to transmit emotions. He can be a composer or a performer, or both at the same time! In all cases, his schedule includes auditions, daily rehearsals and concerts. Sometimes the musician is also a singer or a teacher.

When he has the status of intermittent in the spectacle, he is often obliged to diversify his activities to supplement his income. His pace is sustained and variable, his trips frequent and his schedules staggered: he works evenings, weekends and public holidays.

Training and diplomas

After the third year of age, music is learned in a conservatory or a music school from the age of 6, and at the same time as schooling. The best elements will integrate the higher music conservatories.

Holders of the baccalaureate or equivalent can apply for a

Diploma of musical studies or a National Diploma of professional orientation in music.
Holders of bac + 3 can become Intervening Musician

or apply for the State Diploma of Music Teacher or the Higher National Professional Diploma of Musician.
Holders of bac + 5 obtain the 2nd cycle higher diploma in music or the higher diploma of professional musician, concert instrumentalist.

More and more shows, more and more artists ... but also more and more precariousness means that to break into music, dance, as in live performance, you need talent, toughness and excellent training.

School or conservatory become compulsory for those who want to pursue a career in music. Will autodidacts last long in the field?