Habits of being a professional musician: setting priorities and rehearsing.

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What makes an amateur musician different from a professional musician?

Assuming that both artists make great music, what are the other factors that determine the success or failure of a musical career?

In fact, we could spend hours discussing all the different internal and external criteria that can influence the success of an artist and therefore his professionalization.

But in this article we will first of all come back to the mindset and good habits to adopt in order to behave like a true professional musician.

 Set goals and priorities.

The pro musician knows what he wants and how to get it done.

The pro musician has a clear vision of things and knows the actions to be carried out or the people to meet in order to move to the next level.

So it is much easier to gain in productivity and clarity when you think in advance about where you want to go.

Flat out your goals for the month and start working on them. If you have too much to do, consider eliminating tasks, delegating them, or revising your priorities.


No matter the promotion and marketing, nothing is more valuable to your artistic endeavor than your music itself.

If your music isn't up to the task, there's no way you can go any further.

For the professional musician, therefore, it is a daily priority to practice individually and rehearse with other musicians.

As such, you should first dedicate your free time to playing music, and secondly, to the rest of your musical activities.

By adopting these habits that I have mentioned in this article, you are going one step ahead of all other amateur musicians, and even some “pro” musicians.

It's up to you to put all of this in place and make the right decisions.